Do you want to reduce the data you spend on Instagram? Read This

Instagram has been one of the mostly used social media among most celebrities and politicians due to its unique feature, everybody wants to join Instagram, but average users usually quit due to the high data usage,Instagram has been one of the mostly used social media among most celebrities and politicians due to its unique feature, everybody wants to join Instagram, but average users usually quit due to the high data usage.

Instagram is said to be among the most highly consumed data app in the internet. Loading the images, videos and stories posted consistently consume more data, and videos may pop up and start playing itself. 

But luckily, you can reduced the data consumption of instagram with this ways i will be sharing

Disable video auto-play

Immediately you open your Instagram app, it loads all the videos in your news feed automatically, this means as you scroll videos will play automatically. This feature consumes a lot of data, here is what you should do.

open your instagram app

go t…

Glo new 1.2gb for N200 Sunday plan

As the Federal Government of Nigeria has declared a Nationwide lockdown, many activities and process seem to definitely be on hold and the smart ones are going online. Just about a couple of days ago, some senators where suggesting that students should be made to receive classes online. If you cam actually pinpoint where we are heading towards, you will be seeing a world where thing should be done from the within the confines of your home. Just imagine church services being held online on Sundays and school's take classes online too.
So globacom which is one of the leading Telecommunication company in Nigeria has proven it's patriotism to his customers by releasing what is called the Glo Sunday Data plan, the data plan gives subscribers 1.25GB worth of data for just #200 to use only on Sunday to chat, browse, stream youtube and connect with loved ones, community, clubs and society meetings, in fact it can be used for virtually everything. Being that it is for only Sunday, it is … Income Program Review

Happy quarantine quarantino, lol. I can bet you that as you are reading this review article, there is one guy somewhere planning to open a brand new income website. Oh yes, it is no longer news that the Cheif Executive Officers (CEO) of these income programs make bulk of money daily. In fact if you are familiar with the CEO of giftalworld income program on Instagram you would know exactly what I am saying.
However, if you have no knowledge of web design and you don't have any management skills that would enable you grow such income programs, you can choose to be the consumer, benefit from them while they last, although you may never make as much money as the founders will make but at least you will make enough money that is synonymous to the risk you took and the investment you made
Sometime around last month, a guy contacted me that he wanted to build such income programs like ATPAYS and nnu forum, and I was not so surprised today when he sent me a registration link to his website.

50 Websites where you can download Movies free of Charge

Movie they say can vividly be define as a motion picture, a film, an act of entertainment which is characterized by intrigues, suspense and fiction. Sometimes movies tells more about real events and facts. Nigeria movie industry which is best known as "Nollywood" portrays so much about real events, belief, values and culture while holywood movie's focuses on inventions, technology, skills, art craft and so much more.
That is why youths ranging from 16-27 derives so much joy watching and streaming movies online. Such sources can emanates from Youtubes, facebooks and twitter. Short videos also has a part to play when it comes to comedies and short clips. YouTube has over one million users daily, facebook also doubles that same amount also. Young men and women are always in search of movies always, most especially the trending movies online. 
In line of this motion, I have decided to highlight few of this websites where you can download and watch movies for free
50 Websites To…

5 Things You never Knew you could do with your Smartphone

About five years ago, many people that wanted to get some digital stuff done needed to have a computer, either a laptop computer or desktop computer, but as time progresses, technology has given us the ability to carry greater power in a smaller unit, have you read about the first generation computers? They were so large that they occupied a full room, they were also very expensive that very few world standard organizations were about to affordable it, the heat it produces was disastrous. However, today with the help of your mobile phone which is over 1 billion times smaller and cheaper, you can even do more than with your mobile phones today than you could do with the earlier generation computers. So today I will be showing you five things you never knew you could do with your mobile phones, most of them you do not even know you can do them at all while for some of them you go to a cyber cafe to pay a computer guy to do it for you. So after reading this I guess you would be able to sa…